Like most things in life there are always options available and CBD is not exception. You can smoke, eat, drink, vape or rub CBD infused products. Smoking CBD buds is an effective way of getting your CBD into your system. Inhaling the smoke from your joint is the fastest way to get CBD into your system.  The CBD smoke is absorbed by the alveoli in our lungs. The alveoli are ting air sacs in our lungs which provide the pathway for the CBD to enter our bloodstream and bind to our endocannaibinoid receptors. The inside of our lung is the largest surface area in our bodies therefore the absorption rate would be the highest. Hence a greater absorption of CBD from smoking a joint than any of the other available options. Inhaled CBD penetrates our cognitive, immune and nervous system thereby regulating our body processes and maintaining our body’s natural equilibrium. Many users are in no doubt that using CBD has been helpful. Higher strengths of CBD are more effective that lower strengths because of the concentration of CBD in the mixture.

3 thoughts on “SMOKING CBD BUDS?

    • marcus says:

      Hi Lisa
      Thank you for contacting us,which strength CBD have you tried before?
      Best regard

    • marcus says:

      Apologies for such a late reply. We suggest you, using a 1500mg strength to start, increasing to a stronger strength later after trying the 1500mg.

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