CBD can be used for pets. The compounds found in CBD are natural as they are derived from the hemp plant without the psychoactive element THC. CBD has many anti inflammation properties. It’s one of the reasons dog owners across the globe are using CBD for their pets. Despite humans and dogs having the same endocannabinoid system, always choose a CBD product made specifically for pets such as our Pets CBD. Dogs like humans develop pains as they age. This is part of the natural ageing process, as we age we develop joint problems like arthritis can also cause pain. Although your pets cannot tell you when they are in pain, you more than anyone else will recognised the warning signs by changes in your pets behaviour.  These changes may include;
  • Eating less or sleeping more
  • Relieving themselves indoor
  • Shying away from playtime
  • More aggressive behaviour
The most common types of CBD for pets are Tinctures and Chewable. Many of our customer prefer to use Tincture because Tinctures can easily be added to the pets food  and are great for controlling the dosage. It is mainly for this reason we stock mostly Tincture’s. If there are sufficient request for chewable we will begin to stock them. Please forward your request to Understandably it’s a mind boggling moment to realise that your pets are suffering from chronic conditions.

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